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A Complete Guide to Medical Lab Technology

Paramedical science is a hot career option amongst students today. So what is this exactly? Read on to understand the advantages of a B.VOC degree in medical lab technology.

In recent times, paramedical sciences are gaining a firm foothold as a mainstream career option. These days numerous students after Class 12th are opting for paramedic courses.

The present health infrastructure of our country is insufficient to deal with the prevailing challenges. With the thrust on increasing effectiveness of government health care machinery and increasing private corporate hospitals, there is a constant demand of doctors, nurses and paramedics like lab technicians, radiologists, MRI and CT imaging technicians, cardio lab technicians, audiologists, physiotherapists etc.

Even in paramedics there are numerous fields and specializations that one can study. Of all these branches, medical lab technology is the most popular.

So what’s medical lab technology?

As science is progressing and new progress is being made in terms of curing diseases, we are also witnessing new strains of diseases, virus etc. The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic is an example of how doctors depend on diagnosis and test results to decide the course of treatment. Medical Lab Technology refers to various tests, processes that are done on various fluids of the human body to look out for diseases. The tests have to be conducted in foolproof environment and error free results have to be ensured.

Diplomas and degrees in medical lab technology are offered by many institutes and colleges, but the Bachelors of Vocational Science in Medical Lab Technology, offered by The Health Care School in Delhi is cut above the rest. Students should always seek information on infrastructure, curriculum, accreditation, past record, faculty, placement services, and training provided by colleges. This is where The Health Care School (THCS) scores easily as the one the top paramedical colleges in Delhi.

All about THCS- The Health Care School, Delhi

THCS, has been established by the International Skills Academy, which is a pioneer in the sector of skill education.

THCS is the Delhi training Hub partner of (TISS- SVE)- Tata Institute of Social Sciences- School of Vocational Education. TISS is based at Mumbai and has been graded as NAAC A+ and is funded by the Government of India

The School of Vocation Education was set up by TISS in 2011 to provide special education to students through vocational programs in order to cater to the manpower requirements in our country.

BVOC Degree in Medical Lab Technology offered by THCS

This is a Work Integrated three year degree programme. In this course, students study and work and train simultaneously giving them an opportunity to earn while they learn. Students get to intern and train with diagnostic centers, hospitals and labs. Hence, students gain work experience and also earn a stipend, while simultaneously getting a bachelors degree.

The eligibility for this course of Class 12th students with a Science group (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology)

In this three year degree course, students undergo specialized training for conducting biochemical analysis of body fluids like blood/ urine/ sputum/ faeces/ skin.

Students study on

  • how to analyze these fluids and conducting tests for various diseases
  • how to prepare reports which are conclusive of the disease/ problem
  • how to store, collect and process the samples
  • how to ensure that reports are error free and correct
  • how to use effective communication skills to deal with patients/ doctors
  • latest technological and medical data and information

Students can gain placements in pathological labs/ hospitals/ diagnostic centres/ serological-microbiological/ biochemical research centres.

To be an effective lab technician, it is desirable for students to work on / possess the below skills :

  • Teamwork as paramedics need to work with multiple agencies
  • Good communication skills
  • Quick thinker
  • Physically fitness and high endurance levels as long of work could be there
  • Ability to face work challenges
  • To be calm and patient in stressful situations
  • To keep pace with latest technology and upgradations in diagnostic equipments
  • To be mentally tough

After completing the BVOC degree in medical lab technology, students can also pursue a Masters in medical lab technology in order to further improve their career prospects.

Other Courses

Apart from, BVOC in medical lab technology, THCS also offers the below courses.

BVOC in patient care management - This is also a 3 year degree course but open to Class 12th students of any stream.

Certification course in emergency medical technician - This is a 6 month certification course again open to Class 12 students of any stream.

Course in General Duty Assistant - This is a 3 month course open after Class 10th itself but age should be 18 years or more.

If you are sure that paramedics is your cup of tea and you love peering into the microscope for hours, then go for the BVOC degree in medical lab technology from THCS. It will surely help you put your best foot forward.

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