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Best Paramedical Institute in Delhi

Today students have many options to choose for their career. Paramedical studies are emerging as popular career choices. The health care in India is changing fast and this sector needs trained manpower like never before. A paramedical course from a good institute can give a cutting edge to students. Read on to know about the best paramedical course in Delhi.

What are Paramedical courses?

Courses that train students to become paramedics are paramedical courses. Students who opt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology group in Class 12th mostly aim for becoming a doctor. However, due to immense competition and high education costs, it is not possible for all students to get admission in medical colleges. Such children often get dejected and opt for a regular Bachelors degree in Science. Instead of that one can choose to become a paramedic by enrolling in any of the paramedical courses.

As we know doctors deal with treatment of diseases and perform surgeries and this field of study is called medicine. Paramedical courses train students about diagnostics, and teach on how to perform various tests and procedures that provide crucial support to doctors. Without accurate test results, it is very difficult to arrive at correct treatments. This is why paramedics are important and respected all over the world.

By studying paramedical courses one stays connected with the health care industry and can contribute towards society as well.

Who are Paramedics?

Healthcare professionals like diagnostic assistants, lab technicians, radiologists, dialysis technicians, cardio vascular lab technicians, emergency care staff, ambulance service personnel, MRI & CT scan technicians, Ophthalmic assistant, speech professionals, physiotherapists, audiologists are all paramedics.

These professionals are responsible for collecting samples, conducting various tests and arriving at error free report. The doctors are able to co-relate their clinical diagnosis and start treatment of patients based on such test results. With progress in science and technology, tests and machines are becoming sophisticated which has made it essential for trained manpower to conduct such procedures.

The Health Care School (THCS), one of the top paramedical colleges offers the best paramedical course in Delhi and also one of the few colleges to offer an emergency paramedic course in Delhi Students should check on the infrastructure, curriculum, accreditation, past record, faculty, placement services and training while choosing their institute or college. This is where The Health Care School scores high.

The Healthcare School, Delhi (THCS)

This is an initiative of International Skills Academy, a government funded institute set up in 2011 in order to impart skill based quality education to students. Our country requires trained and effective manpower and in order to fulfill this requirement the International Skills Academy operates four skilled schools: The Culinary School, The Travel School, The Hotel School and The Healthcare School.

These schools are partners with prestigious bodies like National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) which are initiatives by the Ministry of Skill & Development. The courses offered by these schools recognised by UGC and NAAC accredited Universities.

The Healthcare School is the Delhi training Hub partner of (TISS- SVE)- Tata Institute of Social Sciences- School of Vocational Education. As you might know, TISS based at Mumbai is a NAAC A+ graded institution and funded by the Government of India.

It offers a unique paramedical course in Delhi which is actually a Work Integrated three year degree programme. While there are many others colleges and programmes, this is the only college that offers a 3 year Bachelors in Vocational Science ( BVOC) along with work experience. Students study and work simultaneously and this gives them an opportunity to earn while they learn.

The courses offered are :

BVOC degree in Medical lab Technology- This is a 3 year degree course open to only class 12th science

BVOC in patient care management- This is also a 3 year degree course but open to Class 12th students of any stream.

Certification course in emergency medical technician- This is a 6 month certification course again open to Class 12 students of any stream.

Course in General Duty Assistant- This is a 3 month course open after Class 10th itself but age should be 18 years or more.

The admission process to The Healthcare School is quite simple where students go through a screening interview and their marks of Class 12th boards are considered. The details of the same can be checked at the institute’s website.

Advantages of studying at THCS

All the above courses have good employment potential especially the emergency paramedic course in Delhi which can be even done by students who are not too good with their studies as presence of mind and patience are the key skills required in this job. An experienced faculty and good infrastructure are other advantages of this college

If you are looking for a career that gives you social respect, work satisfaction and financial gains, then go for the paramedical course in Delhi offered by The Healthcare school.

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