Paramedical Course in Delhi

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Paramedical Course in Delhi from the Health Care School: A Right Decision can help in attaining your Vision

Why choose Paramedical Course in Delhi?

As it is being said “the best knowledge can only result in best treatment”. Paramedical in India offers huge opportunities for aspirants. The constitution of India considers the “right to life” to be fundamental and obliges the government to ensure the “right to health” for all. The health sector is expected to develop at a sky-scraping rate. Paramedics work with emergency medical services and give pre-hospital treatment to patients. The most common paramedics that we come across are those who transport patients between facilities in ambulances. They need to have a good grasp of what to do when in need of an emergency and it is their responsibility to give the best care possible to the patients before they reach the hospitals. Apart from them paramedics are engaged in medical care, patient care in operation theatre, radiography and general duties It is a profession which is a blend of compassion as well as passion because to help someone to heal one must do his job with complete zeal !

Everything one must know about The Health Care School

THCS is an initiative of International Skill Academy Pvt Ltd. Here we strongly believe that “Health is Wealth “and therefore our students are being taught to recognize the significance of this profession. We provide them the skill to work as facilitators in the health care sector. We provide superlative amenities; the location of the Institute is good. Students are endowed with various labs in order to understand realistic situations they may face on the job in the future. THCS is the best paramedical institute in Delhi. The certification courses are approved through esteemed TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND SCHOOL OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION.

Who can apply?

A student may apply for the B.Voc degree in medical lab technology, B.Voc in patient care management, certification course in EMT from TISS-SVE and Certification course in GDA from TISS-SVE. One can apply for the B.Voc degree in medical lab technology after 12th from Science stream, for B.Voc in patient care management and certification course in EMT from TISS-SVE after 12th from any stream. For Certification course in GDA from TISS-SVE after 10th (18 years of age required). The B.Voc degree in medical lab technology and B.Voc in patient care management are of the tenure of 3 years whereas certification course in EMT from TISS-SVE is of 6 months and Certification course in GDA from TISS-SVE is of 3 months.

How this course can build up the career

The aim is to train the students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The focus is on endowing students with skills needed for becoming a well qualified paramedical professional. As they say “the best health care professional will ensure that your health is not just good or better, it is the best’’. We determinedly believe that our students must cultivate the best skills as a paramedical professional. They must perform their utmost efforts to ascertain that they possess that compassion and competence to deliver the most accurate and the best results.

Our Pedagogy

The emphasis is on developing diagnostic and methodical skills so that the students provide the right base for the treatment of the patients in this field .Undoubtedly, THCS provide a strong platform to the students where they can learn the required skills as well as they can attain expertise by doing practice in the Labs.

Career Opportunities

Once a candidate finishes his / her Paramedical Course in Delhi, they have a plethora of opportunities to choose from A few among those are as follows:

Medical Lab Assistant

Their main responsibility involves being of assistance to the physician. The following are a few of their responsibilities-

  • Taking medical History
  • Drawing blood
  • Authorizing prescription refills
  • Performing basic lab tests and many more

Radiographers work as a part of the healthcare team in the Diagnostic Imaging Department, Accident & Emergency, Intensive Care Unit and Operating Theatre.

Operation Theater Technologist

These candidates help the specialist amid operations and nearly take care of the medications, anesthetic gases, curtains, and sterilization necessities during surgery.

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